Vendor Spotlight: Jen, Chef’s Expressions

It’s that time to sit down and chat with another one of our vendor friends. We had a bit of time with Jen from Chef’s Expressions.

How did you start in events?
I started working in the hospitality industry while I was in college and fell in love. I ended up planning events regionally for a few restaurant groups before I started working with Chef’s Expressions almost 4 years ago. Since then I haven’t looked back!

What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about your or your business?
I love the story of our logo and think it truly sums my job up. Swans glide beautifully on top of the water yet underneath their legs and feet are working like crazy to keep them moving! This is how my company and I operate. To my client’s and their guests everything is beautiful and flawless but behind the scenes there is a small army working like crazy to make it happen!

What is your approach to weddings and events?
Every client and every event is different. The most important thing for me is to listen to what excites my clients and what’s most important to them, then take my experience to mold it into something feasible to bring their dream to life.

What inspires you in your work?
I am an Instagram junkie. I follow so many planners, caterers, design companies, florists, etc. from around the world. I am inspired by the work of others. My goal is always to better myself, learn and to be a trend setter!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
I have two favorite parts of every event: 1. the look on my client’s faces when they see their event for the first time and I’ve given them everything they’ve dreamed about and 2. when I say goodbye at the end of the night. Hearing how happy my clients are, brides and grooms especially, makes all of the hours and creative problem solving worthwhile. So often my brides say something along the lines of, “will I ever see you again?” with tears in their eyes. We become so close during the planning process and I often act as a confidant/therapist/advisor; sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye!

What do you love or would change about events?
I wouldn’t change a thing; I LOVE my job!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give clients planning a wedding?
Try and remember what the day is truly about. You are not going to please everyone and that’s OK – the most important thing is that the two of you are happy, it’s your day! Also – listen to the advice of the professionals… I will always work with my couples if they have their hearts set on something, but be willing to compromise. We do this for a living and have seen almost everything, good and bad, use that to your advantage!

Best trends that you would like to see more of?
I’m loving the Old Hollywood Glam that just starting to come back and can’t wait to see more of it! I’m ready to move on from rustic and burlap! So far as food is concerned, I will never grow tired of staying local and sustainable, in my opinion that trend can stick around forever!

Best party you’ve done?
One of my favorite parties that I’ve done was actually a corporate holiday party. I loved it not only because it was gorgeous (think completely clear tent during a snow fall in December) but also because on the day of the event we had to postpone it to the next evening thanks to a blizzard. I love creative problem solving and every vendor bent over backwards to make sure that we could have the event the next day. No one missed a beat and the client was thrilled!

What do you do when you are not working?
I love to travel and I’m an avid runner. I also have amazing friends and family – I’m usually found drinking wine with girlfriends, playing with their kids or visiting my family in Boston. Other than that, I’m sleeping!

Interesting fact about you?
I am deathly afraid of spiders and don’t much care for bugs in general yet almost ½ of my events take place outside. I keep a large supply of bug spray and insect repellent in my car at all times!

Thanks for chatting with us.
Always a pleasure!

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