Vendor Spotlight: Alison Harper and Company

This week, we sat down with our friend, Alison of Alison Harper and Company to chat about her business.

How did you start in events?
I started our company in 2010 after completing a girlfriend’s wedding. It was electric; I really enjoyed being a part of her big day. Once I started booking weddings, I realized there was a need for talented, sweet, and professional hair and makeup artists. We perfected our booking process and I started building my team shortly thereafter. It wasn’t long before our girls were working up and down the East Coast! We’re now one of the larger and most sought after teams in the metro area.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about your or your business?
That we truly are specialists. All of the girls who work with me [all 35 of them!] work multiple weddings each week. We don’t cut or color hair, we work strictly in weddings and event beauty services. We work on all the finishing touches – that’s our area of expertise. We also work really hard with our team to ensure they aren’t cutting corners or taking from the clients experience. We take our time and focus on quality which is harder to find than you may imagine.

What is your approach to weddings and events?
To me, it is really important that our clients look beautiful but also look like themselves. I don’t ever want a client to look back at their photos and to not recognize themselves. It is a real art, creating makeup and hair looks that capture the client at her very best; without making her look over done.

What inspires you in your work?
My clients and my artists. I find real joy in putting hard-working and talented women to work and I have a passion for creating above-average client experiences.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
If you knew a little about the beauty industry you would understand how hard it is to work in it. Many salons do not consider the plight of the working mom, often the environment isn’t comfortable or supportive and a lot of the time you are working very hard for very little pay. We work hard to create a supportive and exciting work environment for our stylists. The inside of our business is set up to cater to the stylists schedule, we offer lots of training and education and our girls are very close to each other. It is really rewarding to know that I have created a business that not only connects beautiful brides to be and artists but one that really takes care of the girls on our team.

What do you love or would change about events?
The one thing I wish I could change is the wedding “perfection” misconception. I see a lot of really beautiful brides applying unnecessary pressure to themselves to achieve a pinterest-perfect wedding. I really enjoy working with brides who stay true to their tastes and traditions, the clients who make their wedding perfect for them and not based off of the unachievable perfection of a Style Me Pretty shoot.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give clients planning a wedding?
Do your research and then trust the professional. If you research your wedding vendor properly you should end up in the very capable hands of a trained professional. Once you’ve signed with them trust their advice and then relax!

Best trends that you would like to see more of?
Lately I’ve been seeing a rebirth of the traditional 1920’s old hollywood style. I adore this decade and would be perfectly happy seeing more of it!

Best party you’ve done?
Oh that’s a hard one! I really enjoyed working with one of our clients from last season. She and her family had a more intimate themed wedding. She and her fiance were really into ComiCon and the RenFest, so they asked each of their guests to dress up for the big day. The bride wore an over the top Marie Antoinette-style dress and her groom was in a formal suit with tails. Her mom dressed as the Queen of Hearts and her flower girls as fairies. It may not be for everyone, but they were genuine and kind. Needless to say, my team had a ball styling their hair and makeup.

What do you do when you are not working?
I work a lot, like a whole lot – but, I’m really passionate about what I do so I enjoy it! When I’m not working, I spend a lot of time with my family. I read a lot and I’m really into studying apothecary wellness; I have a study and herb cabinet in my house. I make teas and face scrubs; it’s a really fun hobby.

Interesting fact about you?
I went to college for Deaf Studies and I am relatively fluent in American Sign Language (though it has been a while!).

Thanks for chatting with us.
Always a pleasure!

Check out Alison’s work here.