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Why Do DJ Prices Vary?
You may have stumbled across this during research on employing a DJ for your event. Some DJs can list as low as $150, while many cost more.Why is there such a great variance in DJ pricing? Before you consider the lowest-cost option for your event, consider the following factors listed below.
The Best Deal
As a customer, you want to find the best deal you can. For instance, if you were shopping for a HDTV, you would simply not choose the highest price around; most will gravitate to the lowest price in town because on the surface it makes the most economical sense. However, even in the world of consumer electronics, there are things like reputations and warranties that need to be factored in your final decision. Would you buy something from a questionable source just to save money? Likely not, but a lot of people do not realize this also holds true when it comes to services like photography, event planners, DJ and production.
This is the trap some people will fall into when searching for a professional DJ. They will see the $150 Craigslist DJ, another with a service averaging say $2000, and one that charges $5000. They may think that all DJs are the same and gravitate towards the lesser-priced DJ, but in almost every case this is not the best value for your dollar. Here in the MD/DC/VA area, a quality wedding DJ cost will range from $1200-$5000, depending on the length of the event and necessary gear.
The first key in determining the type of DJ you should hire is the amount of time and effort that they will invest in your event and their own business. Also, take into consideration the high cost of purchasing professional DJ equipment. Audio, playback, lighting; they can all cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Below is an example of what a “Cheap DJ” investment would typically look like versus what a typical Professional DJ would invest in. Note that this spreadsheet only covers providing an audio setup and is just an average. Some Professional DJs spend a little less, some considerably more.
In addition, most low-priced services do little preparing for the event, they simply show up and play with no consultation. This differs greatly with a Professional DJ service, usually spending many hours, sometimes upwards of 15-40+ hours to plan and execute the evening. Event Pro DJ offers custom consultations at our production and sound showroom, ensuring we capture each clients vision through their music.
A “Cheap DJ” does not take into account all of these variables, while a Professional DJ takes the time and effort to invest in their clients and their business to produce repeatable successful events and run a successful and reputable business.
One of the biggest complaints you will hear about low-cost DJ services is unreliability. The DJ showed up late or not at all, the DJ did not come prepared for the event, the DJ did not act in a professional manner. This can ruin an event and it should be the most important consideration when selecting a DJ service. A Professional DJ will give you all the assurances necessary, a contract to protect you and your guests, impeccable references and a professional and friendly attitude from start to finish.
Not only should you consider reliability for the DJ, but also reliability in their equipment and their backup methodologies. What happens if a piece of equipment fails? Will the $150 DJ have the equipment and wherewithal to switch to an alternate method of playback to ensure your evening goes on with minimal to no interruptions? The Professional DJ will have multiple resources and skills to play throughout the event, even in less-than-optimal conditions.
Choose The Right DJ
Please consider quality, experience, and professionalism when selecting your custom sound and production for your event. If you would like to learn more about the services Event Pro DJ can provide, or set up your personal demonstration, please visit us at www.GoEventPro.net, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us at 443.354.3428.
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